“The Hubert Butler Essay Prize is a splendid thing, both a tribute to one of the very greatest exponents of the form, and a venture aimed at ensuring the continued health and vivacity of the form itself. Montaigne would approve, and so would Orwell. Write on!” John Banville, Honorary Patron

Hubert Butler

Hubert Butler

The Hubert Butler Essay Prize is intended to encourage the art of essay-writing with a European dimension and to expand interest in Butler's work.

The prize is designed to reflect Butler’s interest in the common ground between the European nation states that emerged after the First World War; his concern with the position of religious and ethnic minorities; his life and writings as an encapsulation of the mantra ‘Think globally, act locally’; the importance of the individual conscience; and his work with refugees. 

The prize is organised by HEART London, an arts charity which promotes the best of European liberal values – values that Hubert Butler embodied.

This year’s essay title was “Where does a citizen of the world belong?” and the winning entry by Andrew Hammond can be read here.

The third edition of the prize, open to EU citizens aged 18 and over, will be launched in May 2020.