House of European Art (HEART) London

Generally and particularly during times of uncertainty and instability, the arts play a vital role in the development and maintenance of a civilised society.

HEART London is an ambitious charity seeking to promote commonly understood European values through culture. These values, which tend to be social, secular and liberal, emphasise freedoms and opportunities with human rights, the rule of law, dignity, openness and pluralism. They are compatible with the European Convention on Human Rights and the European Union's motto: United in Diversity.
Building partnerships to ensure the free exchange of talent, art and creativity between Britain and the EU is at the heart of the work of HEART London.

The Hubert Butler Essay Prize

The Hubert Butler Essay Prize, founded in 2018, is intended to encourage the art of essay-writing with a European dimension and to expand interest in Butler's work.
It is designed to reflect Butler’s interest in the common ground between the European nation states that emerged after the First World War; his concern with the position of religious and ethnic minorities; his life and writings as an encapsulation of the mantra ‘Think globally, act locally’; the importance of the individual conscience; and his work with refugees.
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